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Being a reliable partner – Opening keynote

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Featured sessions

Data driven decisions to empower your business

Andrew Smith, General Manager Solution Plant Hire – Tech-enabled visibility into one’s workforce provides great insight into the distribution of work or whether assets have been sitting idle. Taking this information to the next level, sees this data harnessed to make powerful data driven decisions.

How to assure quality as your team grow?

Mateusz Jedruszek, Managing Director Perfect Group – Quality assurance is a key component to a successful tender. As a business grows, the procedures and processes that align with quality assurance become harder to manage. Learn how Mateusz manages quality assurance with his team of over 300 workers.

The blueprint for better mental health and suicide prevention

Nick Thompson, Industry Engagement Coordinator – Construction professionals work in challenging circumstances that can cultivate an unhealthy environment such as long working hours, high risk work and being assigned to rural areas for months on end away from family. Discover what initiatives you can use to promote health, wellbeing and work-life balance.


Integrate Assignar with other platforms

Learn about a brand new integration tool that will bring your workflows to the next level by removing data silos between systems. This workshop is a must-have for business owners and operations managers looking to maximise their time through automation.

Cultivating and maintaining a culture of safety

Since its establishment, the TMAA has always had a strong focus on safety, especially on our roads. Discover how as a business you can create a culture of safety and ensure that it is a strong pillar to your business operations.

Assignar’s new Site Dairy feature

When you need to record the site activities of your entire crew – whether that’s for crew timesheets to track project progress or for client approval, Assignar’s Daily Site Diary has you covered! During this workshop our Customer Success team will reveal how the daily site diary can support your business. This workshop cannot be missed for any serious operations manager ready to maximise Assignar in their business.

The foundation of safety is process: ISO 45001

The existence of any business depends on its employees. Given the risks in construction, the ISO 45001 is the first international standard outlining processes, requirements and responsibilities of all stakeholders to ensure everyone goes home safe.